Chongming Houjia Town Activity Center

In the centre of the site there are four old camphor trees, and to the east of the camphor trees was originally a waterworks, and from a distance you can see the surviving water tower.
The design uses the gable space common in the Jiangnan area to integrate the houses into a whole, with the gables continuing until the river on the east side is transformed into a veranda, creating a continuous semi-outdoor space that provides a place for villagers to communicate, rest and watch the scenery.
Both functionally and stylistically, the roof is a timeless topic of architecture. It provides shelter from the sun and rain, ensures the comfort of the building, and is also the dominant visual element, with shape, material and proportion governing the beauty of the building.


  • Function Community Cultural Activities Centre
  • Location Houjia Town, Chongming District, Shanghai
  • Area of land 2970㎡
  • Building area 898㎡
  • Design Period 2017.02-09
  • Constrution Period 2018.01-08


  • Photography Tian Fangfang