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In the past 7 years since 2016, there have been nearly 20 cases of architecture and interior practice in Chongming Island.
The types cover office, restaurant, art gallery, community activity center, Hospitality, library.

The ELLE DOCORATION CHINA INTERIOR DESIGN AWARDS, founded by ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery, is now in its fifth year and has over 600 entries in the competition.

Studio kukannai’s design project “Underwood Teahouse” was selected

ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery China Interior Design Yearbook

and won the ELLE DECORATION China Interior Design Award 2022/2023

In the center of Shanghai, there is a lush urban mountain forest: the 800㎡ private garden is concentrated with trails, “canyons” and “alpine meadows”, and the semi-underground tea room is like a cave hidden in the mountains. Being in it, it is like “trekking” in the real nature.
Earlier this month, One Home Design visited this secret garden hidden in the city center to talk with designers Yuan Zheng and Wang Shaorong about how to balance the relationship between home and environment in today’s fast-paced life? How to truly return to nature and get healing in the high-density city?


The theme of the Urban Space Art Season exhibition in Shanghai 2015 appealed to me a lot – culture prosperities the city, art builds the city.

In my opinion, one of the more distinctive parts of Shanghai is the former French Concession, where I met Wang Shaorong in an old French-style mansion.