CinCin Café & Bistro

CinCin Café is located in the old city of Jinan, next to the winding hutongs and the old Temple of Literature.
CinCin is the Italian word for “cheers”, which is derived from the Chinese word “please please”, a greeting and sincere respect for each other when holding a cup.
The architects wanted the design to be a ‘living room of the city’, a social space with boutique cafes and bistros.
Due to the street’s regulations to protect the façade of the old city, the design of the inner courtyard and interior space was simplified to create a space that resonates with young people with the design concept of “symbiosis between old and new”.


  • Function Cafe, bar
  • Location No.15, Donghuaqiangzi Street, Jinan
  • Area 119㎡
  • Design Period 2020.07-08
  • Construction Period 2020.09-11


  • Photography Qian Ying