Comments | Sugarcube City Review – The city in a builder’s view

The theme of the Urban Space Art Season exhibition in Shanghai 2015 appealed to me a lot – culture prosperities the city, art builds the city.
Before that, when I talked about culture and art in Shanghai, my first impression is inseparable from the group of people who were active in the literary and artistic circles during the Republic of China, and furthermore, I can recall the gangsters on the Shanghai Bund, but I do not have much idea about the cultural richness of the city.
Looking along the Huangpu River, the city is already covered with high-rise buildings, neatly arranged, with neon lights flashing at night, which is a grand Shanghai scene. However, it also made me suddenly feel that the character of the city was not easily distinguishable from these scenes, whether it was the array of buildings during the day or the glory of the lights at night.
In my opinion, one of the more distinctive parts of Shanghai is the former French Concession, where I met Wang Shaorong in an old French-style mansion.