Lectures | Chongming Island Architecture in Progress – 10 Examples of Practice Look at Chongming

AssBook Design Canteen hosts the City Matters Design Festival lecture series [O!U!talk].
Rural construction is a topic that has been on everyone’s mind for the past two years. In this offline event, we invited builder Wang Shaorong to share with us 10 architectural practices in Chongming in recent years by his presided office [Spatially].
Since first setting foot on the lush green island of Chongming in 2016, the Spatially team has designed 10 small and medium-sized architectural and interior projects in four years, ranging from restaurants, art galleries, community activity centres, bed and breakfasts and libraries. The implicit theme running through all the projects is how design can influence people’s behaviour and moods in the space, giving rise to small but beautiful things that happen in everyday life.
How do architects dialogue with the local area in the construction of an urbanised village like Chongming Island? How do spaces interact and practice? We have also invited renowned architect Liu Yuyang and economic and social scholar Sun Zhe to join us for a conversation.