WARAGYO brings Omakase sushi and yakitori to the Shanghai World Financial Center, a 132㎡ shop that houses SUSHI URUWASHI sushi and BIRD SORA yakitori respectively.

curved washi paper fence divides the restaurant, and when the curtain is lifted to enter, the floor is paved with flying stones, and the visitor steps up to the barricaded door to prepare for an elaborate family feast.
At the centre of the entrance is a hinoki bar, reflecting the elegance of a fine Japanese restaurant. The canopy at the top symbolises the roof of the kiosk, and the curved wall behind it is made of warm hemlock half-round strips, wrapping the entire space at the right distance.

The Yakitori entrance sign is crafted from burnt cedar wood, with details that reveal the texture of the charcoal, while the natural surface of the ice-cracked stone flooring and camel-coloured micro-cement walls extend the depth of the space, guiding visitors deeper.
The grey and black colour palette of Yakitori sets the mood for the dining experience. Sitting around the stove under the copper plated canopy, the roaring fire and the shimmering light of the wine cooler will help you to relax and enjoy a Japanese skewer and a glass of wine.


  • Function Sushi bar,Yakitori bar
  • Location 3F, Shanghai World Financial Center
  • Area 132㎡(including rear kitchen)
  • Design Period 2021.01-05
  • Construction Period 2021.06-11


  • Lighting Consultant BEAM Lighting
  • Photography Zhu Hai