Engage in the Village, Amidst the Wild and the Nature

Village Villa

Village Villa is located in the countryside of Chongming Island, Shanghai. The project starts from the “countryside” and tries to create a countryside vacation space that looks like a world away from the city.
The original building is a factory building in the village, which was revitalized according to the renovation. A new building is constructed with traditional shapes and contemporary methods to hide it from the surrounding environment. The loft space grows out of the original space to provide guests with a rich dimensional spatial experience. The style of the guest rooms and the soft furnishings revolve around the theme of the countryside, depicting a tranquil atmosphere in a pure and straightforward manner.


  • Function Hotel
  • Location Chongming District, Shanghai
  • Building Area 505㎡
  • Courtyard Area 120㎡
  • Design Period 2023.11-2024.02