Zuopan Hotel

ZuoPan Hotel is located in Yuanyi Village in the town of Gangyan on Chongming Island. The original building was built by the villagers themselves, with a three-storey main building and a single-storey auxiliary house, with neighbouring houses to the west and south, and an open boxwood seedling forest to the east and north.
The Hotel is operated as a group of whole buildings for rent, and is aimed at families, gatherings of family and friends, and small groups for short retreats.
The south side of the building faces the neighbour’s house and psychologically needs to have a certain sense of seclusion from the neighbour’s house opposite, as well as wind, light and sight lines to penetrate, so a curtain wall of bamboo and steel construction has been designed for the first floor of the leisure veranda.
On a site with weak landscape resources around the building, enhancing the experience of the semi-outdoor space became the focus of the design for this project.


  • Function Boutique hotels
  • Location Gangyan Town, Chongming District, Shanghai
  • Area of land 618㎡
  • Building area 475㎡
  • Design Period 2020.06-09
  • Construction Period 2020.09-2021.06


  • Photography Zhu Runzi